Knowledge transfer in acoustic metrology

Project Description
TC AUV Contact Person from DMDM will visit the INRiM in August 2008.
The following subject will be discussed and demonstrated using facilities at INRiM:

  • Overview of noise measurement instrumentation standards
  • Calibration of sound calibrators
  • Verification of Sound Level Meters
  • Secondary microphone calibration in pressure and free field
  • pressure reciprocity principles and measurement system
  • some practical examples of the calculation of uncertainty  in acoustical calibrations.

The duration is expected to be one week.
The consultancy will concentrate on the measuring  techniques, uncertainty budget, and practical training.

Final Report 2008-09-01

In order to establish the National acoustic metrology laboratory of Serbia, DMDM asked INRIM to share its technical knowledge and practical experiences. Experts from INRIM –TC AUV contact person provided one week of training in practical issues of acoustic metrology for TC AUV contact person from Serbia. The training was held in Torino from August 04. to August 08. 2008.
The project included the collaborative activities, consisting of practical training, relating to traceability schemes, calibration techniques, calibration equipment, uncertainty estimation, and other associated matters.
The activities covered primary pressure calibration of laboratory standard microphones by reciprocity technique, secondary pressure microphone calibration by comparison and calibration of sound calibrators, with practical examples and calculation of measurement uncertainty.
The principles of free-field microphone calibration and sound level meter verification were examined.


Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration (AUV)
Maja Aleksic, DMDM (Serbia)
Coordinating Institute
DMDM (Serbia)
Participating Partners
INRIM (Italy)