Key comparison on density determination of liquids by hydrostatic weighing

Project Description

This density of liquids comparison by hydrostatic weighing is carried out in the framework of EMPIR 17RPT02 rhoLiq project.

The aim of the key comparison is to compare the results of the density determinations of liquid samples by hydrostatic weighing of the participating laboratories.
Density measurements of liquids are mainly performed by laboratories to provide a means of calibrating or checking liquid density measuring instruments such as oscillation-type density meters.
The BEV is the Pilot Laboratory for the comparison supported by the PTB (Germany).
For the comparison samples of deuterated ultra-pure water, Tetrachloretylene, and of oil with a high viscosity will be measured. The temperature range is from 5 °C to 20 °C. The measurements should be carried out at atmospheric pressure.
The reference values for the comparison liquids will be determined by (BEV, PTB).

Progress Report 2023-06-19

The Draft B was send to the TC-M Chair.

Progress Report 2023-05-11

For the comparison, the density of samples of deuterated ultrapure water, Tetrachlorethylene and of oil with a high viscosity were measured by hydrostatic weighing and compared to a reference value derived from BEV and PTB measurements. All participants' reports became available in April 2022. Preparation of a Draft A report is in progress.

Progress Report 2021-10-27

The coordination of the project was taken over by Lukas Prochaska from Markus Schiebl, BEV (Austria).