Supplementary Comparison (SC) of Air flow low pressure Qmax 400 m3/h

Project Description

A supplementary Comparison (SC) of air flow, at atmospheric conditions in the range of 25 m3/h up to 400 m3/h.

Progress Report 2023-05-12

The coordination of the project was taken over by Thomas Wendel (VSL, Netherlands) from Silvester Wulffers (VSL, Netherlands).

Progress Report 2022-08-09

The Draft B is in progress.

The coordination of the project was taken over by Silvester Wulffers (VSL, Netherlands) from Dean Standiford (VSL, Netherlands).

Progress Report 2022-04-13

The Draft A submitted to the participants for review and comments.

Progress Report 2021-10-12

The measurements have been completed and results from all participants are awaited.

Progress Report 2020-02-07

LABSAGAS contacted VSL requesting to join the project.

Flow (F)
Thomas Wendel, VSL (Netherlands
Phone: +31 621587223
Coordinating Institute
VSL (Netherlands)