International Inter-comparison Test Program of instrument calibrations for neutron dosimetry

Project Description

The aim of this test is to draw up an inventory of the calibration capabilities for neutron dosimetry instruments in EUROMET laboratories.

To achive this goal, we propose to circulate around the laboratories interested in this exercise two rem-meters: a Harwell Monitor N91 and a Studwick.

Final Report

This comparison is concluded and results are published in the KCDB.

Progress Report 2004-05-31

This EUROMET supplementary key comparison will be performed according to the agreed protocol.

After the measurements at IRSN in 2002/2003, some technical problems were observed with one transfer instrument. The instrument was repaired and tested in summer 2003 before circulation started in September 2003. We then followed the schedule agreed in the protocol as far as possible.
In 2003, the following measurements were carried out:

  • 2002-2003: End of IRSN measurements (report available and sent to the rapporteur of TC-IR)
  • 08/2003: Final acceptance tests of the two transfer instruments (Studsvik 2202D and Harwell Monitor N91)
  • 09/2003: Measurements in SCK/Belgium
  • 10/2003: Test and check of the two transfer instruments
  • 11/2003: Measurements in CMI/ Czech Republic
  • 12/2003-01/2004: Test and check of the two transfer instruments
  • 02/2004: Administrative problems with the transportation to Russia
  • 03/2004: Measurements in VNIIM/ Russia

In the course of the measurements in Russia, one of the two transfer systems again exhibited some problems. Additional tests must be performed in May 2004 before the comparison can be continued. The NPL (National Physical Laboratory) and the IPSN (Institute for Protection and Nuclear Safety), propose an inter-comparison programme for testing the procedures used when calibrating area survey instruments with standard neutron sources available in EUROMET laboratories.

Ionising Radiation (IR)
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