International Comparison of Electrical Field Strength

Project Description

The Draft A report of the comparison was sent to the participants in November 2001. Tasks, organization and course of the comparison were described, the equipment and the measurement results of the participants as well.

Reference values for the measurement points 100 V/m, 200 V/m, 500 V/m, 1000 V/m, 2000 V/m, 5000 V/m, 10 000 V/m and 20 000 V/m at the frequency 50 Hz were calculated using the weighted mean of the concerning measurement results of IEN, IST and PTB, because the results of these three partners are nearly equal to each other at all measurement points inside small limits of uncertainty.

The expanded uncertainty of the reference values varies from 6 · 10-3 to 9 · 10-3. With a few exceptions the results of all participants lie inside the uncertainty of the reference values taking their own uncertainty into account.

Up to now agreement about the Draft A report was reached with 5 partners, the comments of two partners are outstanding but promised. The Draft B report including the Tables of Equivalence will be completed and distributed when these comments will have arrived at PTB.

Considering the described. results from the point of view of the pilot laboratory the work in the project is finished. A detailed final publication is in progress.

Further Information

The measurements at each partner should follow the Revised Working Program from June 16, 1997 and the other instructions given.

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