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Interlaboratory comparison on water triple point cells

Project Description

It is the re-activation of project 278 in which twelve countries took part between January 1994 and June 1997.

The re-activation answers to a request of 12 more countries. the goal of this project is to assess the uncertainties associated to the practical realisation of the triple point of water in the various European laboratories. This project will ba carried out through the loaning by BNM-INM of a specific triple point cell associated with an isothermal anclosure. For every participating laboratory the work to be performed is to compare the local realisation of the triple point of water to the BNM-INM one.

Process : The triple point instrument is permanently available and the comparison is permanantly running. Every participant organises by himself the transportation of the instrument at the dates which are the most convenient for him and for BNM-INM.

The conditions of the RMO key comparison will be respected. Any circulating cell belongs to a group of cells kept at BNM-INM previously compared each other. The user wil not know the features of the cell he has to use.

The results of the comparison wil be issued periodically (typically every year). The cell is hand carried and the associated isothermal enclosure by carrier. The participating laboratory belonging to countries out of the European Community must take in charge any customs formalities.

Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel would like to be joined to this interlaboratory comparison

Final Report 2004-03-23

The project has been completed and the the report can be downloaded here>>.


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