Intercomparison of water flow meter reference standard

Project Description

Intercomparison of NMI's water flow measurement systems for the range of 3 m3/h-30 m3/h using coriolis flowmeter as a transfer standard.

This is the repetation of the intercomparison E 1162 which was not successfully finished owing to the problem with the turbine meter used. For this repatition a Coriolis meter would be used.

Final Report 2014-11-12

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>.

The aim of this comparison was to compare the results of the calibration of mass flowmeters  obtained by different NMIs water flow laboratories that participated in this exercise. A DN 40 ABB coriolis mass flowmeter was used as a transfer standard in the flow range from 3 m3/h to 28 m3/h.  

Only one laboratory has results that are not in agreement with the reference value.

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