Intercomparison of noise standards between 12.4 - 18 GHz

Project Description

Four transfer standards were used, two from NPL and two from PTB. Each of these two laboratories provided a noise standard on waveguide IEC R140 and a noise standard on coaxial PC-7 with a precision waveguide adapter. The calibration frequencies were 12.4 - 13.5 - 15.0 - 17.5 and 18 GHz. The quantity to measure was the excess noise ratio (ENR).

Final Report 2005-05-31

The project has been finished and results are available at the KCDB.

Progress Report 2000-12-30

The project was extended into a CCEM.RF key comparison designed as CCEM.RF-K9. Two national laboratories were added to the comparison loop, NIST and VNIIFTRI.
Measurements were started in April 1997 and were completed in December 2000.
The Draft A report (confidential report) combining both EUROMET 329 and CCEM.RF-K9 results, and issued by BNM-LNE/LAMA (ex BNM-LCIE), has been completed and submitted to the participants in January 2002.

The comparison is now under responsibility of the RF working group of the CCEM, to which the Draft B report will be directly submitted. The EUROMET project is finished.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Dr Joseph Achkar, LNE-SYRTE (France)
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Fax: +33 1 40 95 55 99
Coordinating Institute
PTB (Germany)
Participating Partners
NPL (United Kingdom)
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