Intercomparison in the pressure range 100 - 700 (1000) MPa

Project Description

This EUROMET Project has been discussed during the meeting held at LNE on the 09-10/11/1989.

An intercomparison will be organised in the pressure range 100-700 MPa. If some laboratory wants it, the range will be extended to 1000 MPa for investigation. The transfer standard will be constituted with a Desgranges et Huot pressure multiplier owned by LNE and a 100 MPa pressure balance given at the LNE's disposal by Desgranges et Huot. The pressure balance will be equipped with a 10 square mm piston-cylinder unit the characteristics of which have been measured at LNE since 1985. LNE will operate the transfer standard in each laboratory for a two week period. The fluid will be di-ethyl hexyl sebacat (or equivalent).

The first phase is foreseen to be held in the next 2 years, with a calendar to be defined with the above indicated partners. At the end of this phase, LNE will contact the University of Amsterdam to organise an intercomparison with them. LNE will prepare a draft for the intercomparison procedures in the first quarter of 1990.

Final Report

The comparison was completed and published in the KCDB.

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