Humidity calibration facilities in the dewpoint range of 0 to -75 °C

Project Description

The collaboration activities will consist of studies and exchange of experience concerning:

  • Measuring technique
  • Establishment of measuring conditions
  • Measuring equipment
  • Humidity sensors

The expected duration is 2 years. A continued collaboration hereafter may be a traceability project.

Measuring equipment and humidity sensor manufacturers will be invited.

Final Report 2002-10-22

The project work started with the kick-off meeting 07.04.1998 in Kempton Park, London between representatives of BNM-LNE, JV, NPL and DELTA. Since then, Michell Instruments, CENAM and SMU have joined the project.

The project has primarily been dealing with studies and exchange of experience mutually between the cooperating laboratories. These topics include general information concerning the facilities, the process of establishing the physical conditions, the traceability and the uncertainties.

As a secondary issue, it has been agreed that interlaboratory comparisons should be a later area of work.

The studies and exchange of experience with facilities have resulted in a common standardized and comparative datasheet for the involved facilities. This sheet facilitates listing of technology, traceability and uncertainty in a simplified and comparative way. It also enables inclusion of a basic descriptive schematic of the relevant facilities. 6 of the project participants have been able to fill in their data in this sheet.

The issue of interlaboratory comparisons has not been subject to work.

In the meantime, EUROMET project 621 concerning intercomparison of measurement standards in this area has been established. It is therefore decided not to continue the present project with this kind of work.

Further Information

Measuring equipment and humidity sensor manufacturers will be invited.

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