Gold plated copper lugs for precision dC voltage measurements

Project Description

The availability of crimpable copper lugs for use in wiring, where thermal emfs are of concern is a long standing problem. METAS is producing copper lugs made of 1mm thick oxygen free copper, thick gold electroplated without nickel. The spacing is 6mm so as to be compatible with 4mm lab. connectors. The purpose of this project is to make these copper lugs available to oher metrology labs.

Final Report 2003-12-11

The gold plated copper lugs produced by METAS have been made available to interested laboratories. A specially adapted crimping tool has been developed and is also available.Until December 5, 2003, more than 650 lugs and 7 crimping tools have been sent to 7 different national laboratories in Europe. Around 600 lugs have been used internally at METAS as many measuring systems have been lately re-cabled. According to the experience at METAS, the produced lugs have proven to suit very well the needs for a simple, long life and handy connector solution for precision DC measurements.
The thermal voltage coefficient ranges from 10 nV/°C to 25 nV/°C when lugs are used with the proper cable type. The crimping tool is of great help to allow reproducible, easy and efficient crimping.The copper lugs and the crimping tool will further be available in the future, after the completion of the EUROMET project.
Detailed description of the design of the lugs, general updated information about the project, the availability and pricing of the copper lugs and of the crimping tool can be found at:

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Marc Flueli, METAS (Switzerland)
Coordinating Institute
METAS (Switzerland)
Further Partners
IGM (Germany)