Gas and vapour-pressure thermometry between 1 and 25K

Project Description

The main goal of the project comparison of the different realizations of gas thermometers requires that all the different realizations are operative. At present, while KOL(NL) already had its results, on both 3He and 4He, already published, PTB(DE) will make its first measurements on isotherms to be available by summer 1990, and IMGC(IT) will be in the position to do the same by the end of 1990. In the meantime, the Project has developed on specific and important details of low temperature gas thermometry. PTB gas thermometer is using fixed points in sealed cells supplied by IMGC (triple points of Ar, O2, Ne, H2). IMGC has learned from PTB how to measure the isotropic impurity content in helium and transition devices, used as fixed points below 9K. KOL is involved in supplying to IMGC prototypes of precision cryogenic pressure transducers, a device which is also of interest to PTB, while VSL and KOL are setting up an interpolating gas thermometer at VSL.

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