Exercise Comparison of Platinum Resistance Thermometer

Project Description

The cooperation is to conduct a training comparison among South-eastern European within the framework of the TC-IM Focus Group on National Metrology Infrastructure Development. The national metrology institutes participating have varying levels of experience in temperature metrology.
The objectives of the comparison exercise can be summarized as following:

- to provide the opportunity to SEE laboratories to acquire experience in participating in comparisons
- to check the measurement capabilities in the field of temperature of the participating laboratories
- to provide input for improvement
- to prepare the participating laboratories for future submission of technically valid calibration measurement capabilities (CMC)

 It was agreed that the comparison should be carried out over the temperature range from
-56 °C to 420 °C. Each laboratory can use their own calibration procedure.
 The circulating instrument will be a Platinum Resistance thermometer (Pt-100 ohm) with a diameter 6 mm and length 300 mm.

TUBITAK UME agreed to take the role of pilot laboratory and to provide the circulating thermometer. The analysis of the results will be performed by TUBITAK UME.

The technical protocol can be downloaded here>>

Thermometry (T)
Aliye Kartal Dogan, UME (Turkey)
Coordinating Institute
UME (Türkiye)