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Euromet HF experts group meeting

Project Description

The next EUROMET HF experts group meeting will take place on 21 and 22 April 2005 and will be hosted by METAS in Bern-Wabern, Switzerland. First invitation to the meeting was distributed by e-mail on 21 Dec 2004. METAS contact person is Kurt Hilty.

Final Report 2005-08-22

The EUROMET HF experts group meeting took place on 21 and 22 April 2005 and was hosted by METAS in Bern-Wabern, Switzerland. Kurt Hilty of METAS took care of the meeting organization.

Reports on Euromet comparasions in the HF area were presented, discussed and decisions taken, as well as reports on Euromet projects on Cooperation Consultation and Traceability. Future projects and developments were also discussed.
Several very interesting technical talks were given:

  • “Air lines as phase standards”, by Jan de Vreede (NMI-VSL)
  • “How exact are rigorous field simulations for air lines”, by P. Leuchtmann (ETHZ),
  • “RF-Power up to 26.5 GHz”, by Jürg Furrer (METAS),
  • “Calibration of RF-voltage of Oscilloscopes, problems”, by Jürg Furrer (METAS)

Besides these, quite a few very in depth comparison reports were given with many technical details and can be considered as technical talks as well.
Two important questions as input to the TC EM were raised:

Should intercomparisons only serve MRA, or should they also be metrologically useful by providing added value and insight into specific areas of measurement (e.g. e.g. 3 comparison points as can be handled by BIPM Database are really not representative versus 63 complex frequency points, which reveal ripple and other measurement problems).
Clasification scheme for calibration factor should be changed in similar way as with AC/DC transfer: range of values should be given in power not in CF values. This proposal gives more relevant information to client but may take time to be adopted for presentation of the CMCs.


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