EURAMET key comparison in gas media from 0.3 mPa to 1 Pa (absolute mode)

Project Description

EURAMET key comparison in the pressure range 3·10-4 Pa to 1 Pa, organised essentially for the EURAMET NMIs.

The need for this new EURAMET comparison was actualised at the EURAMET SC Pressure meeting of 21 October 2021 and confirmed in the following EURAMET SC Pressure meeting of 6 September 2022.
The protocol is basically equivalent to the protocol of CCM.P-K15 and EURAMET.M.P-K15.1.

The transfer standards are two spinning rotor gauges supplied by PTB.
INRiM will act as the pilot laboratory. PTB will act as co-pilot.

Progress Report 2023-10-23

The comparison started in March 2023 and it is currently in progress: the first measurement at INRIM and the measurements at METAS and CMI have been completed.

The time schedule of the comparison was updated with the consensus of the participants, due to the following reasons:

  • inefficiency of the courier resulting in a delay of the delivery of the transfer standard to METAS
  • request from PTB to shift the measurements at the end of the comparison
Mass and Related Quantities (M)
Coordinating Institute
INRIM (Italy)
Further Partners
Emirates Metrology Institute (United Arab Emirates)