Determination of the water vapor pressure curve, between -100 °C and 100 °C, with a very high accuracy

Project Description

The future developments in hygrometry, either for the determination of new standards or in new instruments conception, will lead to improve the knowledge and the accuracy of the pure water pressure-temperature relation than the one which is used at the moment.
Several authors, Sonntag D., Huang P., Hardly B, Murphy D.M. or Feistel R. published theorical work about water vapor pressure curve above ice, water or supercooled water.
Most of the experimental datas are based on Wexler et al's values which were determined during the 70's, and more recently Mauersberger K.
The aim of this project is to carry out experiments in order to determine a new water vapor pressure - temperature curve, between -100 °C and 100 °C, with a better uncertainty than the one available. Following these measurements, theorical work will lead to propose saturation vapor pressure equations over a surface of liquid water or ice.
This project will last on several years and will be done in collaboration with any other European NMIs which will be interested.

Final Report 2013-04-05

21st and 22nd of october 2013 METEOMET mid term meeting (JRP ENV07 - the WP2/task 2.1 is dedicated to water vapour pressure measurement) INRIM, GUM, LNE-CNAM and LNE-CETIAT are building experimental facility LNE-CNAM and LNE-CETIAT have submitted a communication for the next TEMPMEKO 2013 congress.INRIM, LNE-CNAM and LNE CETIAT have submitted a communication to the next ICPWS 2013 congress.The PhD student of LNE-CNAM and LNE-CETIAT has defended his thesis by September 2012; you can download the thesis via the following adress:

Progress Report 2009-03-11

A survey was sent in 2008 in order to have an overview about the contribution of each partner. We might divide these contributions as following:

  • experimental: 4 partners intend to carry out experiments on this subject
  • bibliographic: 3 partners have done or are doing some bibliographic search
  • skills linked: 4 partners intend to share their experience or advice about this subject

Neither of partners has developed special skills about theoretical aspects. At the moment neither of partners has declared a strong will concerning modeling activity.