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Determination of Forces (tension and compression) from 5 N up to 250 kN with two new Dead Weight Machines developed and realised by BEV

Project Description

The aim of this comparison is, to research and to validate two full automatically Dead Weight Machines in the range from 5 N up to 250 kN developed and realised by the BEV.

  • The first Unit is a dead weight force machine in the range of 5 N - 2 kN. This machine is a special construction and allows to measure continuously in 10 N steps over the whole range from tension to compression without changing the mounting of the force transducer.
  • The second machine is based on the conventional technique (separated measurements for tension and for compression) in the range of 50 N - 250 kN; steps: 50 N. (This machine has coupled a hydraulic amplification to cover the range of 1MN and 5MN).

All dead weight machines allow controlling each and every weight separately. They have special designed beam balance constructions to compensate the weight of the suspension system. Due to the precise determination of the position of the balance beams using laser, the systems are able to compensate the deformation of the force transducer under stress. The usage of this compensation is drastically improving the reproducibility of the systems. The constructions of the machines enable the periodic recalibration of the weights without changing the adjustment of the dead weight machine.
Furthermore to establish an "official" link between international force determination and the BEV.
The used transfer standards over the whole range are prepared by PTB; BEV will organise (pilot) this project.

Progress Report 2024-04-08

Due to a change in the responsible personal at both participants there is a delay in the finishing of the final report. It is currently being reworked due to the data-tables being implemented with German titles in the form of screenshots, which cannot be used this way. A final report is being prepared with the data provided in table form in full English language.

Progress Report 2022-11-02

The coordination of the project was taken over by Moritz Loewit from Dietmar Steindl (BEV).

Progress Report 2021-03-16

Due to the Corona pandemic there are time-delays in preparing the Draft B.
Therefore, Draft B is now planned for November and the final Draft for 1 March 2022.

Progress Report 2019-03-05

First results were presented at EURAMET Meeting TC-M 2014, the final Draft is planned for October 2019.

Progress Report 2018-02-23

Measurements were performed; calculation and first results were made in December 2013; first results were presented at the EURAMET Meeting TC-M 2014; the final report is planned for August 2018.

Progress Report 2017-04-10

Measurements were performed in the period September 2012 to July 2013; calculation and first results in December 2013; first results presented at EURAMET Meeting TC-M 2014; Draft A is in preparation (ready in Summer 2017); Draft B will be ready in September 2017, final report is planned for November 2017.

Mass and Related Quantities (M)
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PTB (Germany)


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