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Coriolis Mass Flow Meter as transfer standard for multiple fluids

Project Description

The quality of intercomparison projects is highly correlated with the behaviour of transfer standards to different operating conditions, installation effects etc. In the Fluid Flow area, several attempts configuring the best possible transfer sets have been made and not all with satisfactory results. The strive is to find the best available transfer standard, i.e. a standard that:

  • is insensitive for process conditions and installation effects
  • has a high reproducibility
  • is rigid and easy to install and to be operated
  • is predictable in behaviour
  • can be used for gases and liquids
  • can be used for a broad range in densities, viscosities, temperatures and pressures

The Coriolis Mass Flow Meter seems to be a good candidate and will be used in this project. The foreseen test scheme will be:

  • Finding the best possible way to install the MFM, realization of a mounting skid
  • Zero and stabilization tests, optimal operating instructions
  • Calibrations on Water, Petrol, Kerosine, Gear Oil, Heavy Oil, LNG, High Pressure Natural Gas, Air

Furthermore the Traceability will be based upon gravimetric-, master -metering and (volumetric) provering methods.
The transferstandard under test will be a CMF 100 Elite (1"meter, Micro Motion), Q mas is approx 7.5 kg/s.

Final Report 2014-11-04

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>.

Flow (F)
Mijndert van der Beek, VSL (Netherlands)
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VSL (Netherlands)


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