Comparison on Voltage Reflection Coefficient (VRC) of an RF source

Project Description

Comparison within EMPIR project 15 RPT 01  "Development of RF and microwave metrology capability'RFMicrowave".
It is aimed to measure Voltage Reflection Coefficient of an RF source. The output voltage reflection coefficient (VRC) will be measured when microwave power is on.
Intended power level is 0 dBm and the proposed frequency points are 50 MHz, 2 GHz, 8 GHz, 12 GHz, 15 GHz and 18 GHz.

Final Report 2019-05-17

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>.

The inter-laboratory comparison exercise has been completed. All participants performed their measurements along 2018 and early 2019. Measurement results have been analyzed by the pilot laboratory and the corresponding report has been written. Both draft A and draft B of the analysis report were circulated among the participant laboratories for amendments / suggestions, before the report was eventually submitted to the TC-EM.

Working frequencies were: 50 MHz, 2 GHz, 8 GHz, 12 GHz, 15 GHz and 18 GHz.

The measurement reports / calibration certificates received from the participants were included as annexes to the report. This allows the interested partners to compare the results obtained for additional measurement points, i.e. other than the requested frequency points of the intercomparison.
Analysis method was the consensus among participants, and the 3·MAD criterion was used for determination of outliers. These participants anomalously situated with respect to the general consensus were not taken into account in the determination of the Asigned Value of the comparison.
Assigned Value was the Weighted Mean of those participants not declared outliers.

Finally, the figure of merit used for assessment of competence of each participant was the well-known Normalized Error between each participant and the Assigned Value of the comparison, computed for each frequency point.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Coordinating Institute
INTA (Spain)
Further Partners
National Institute for Standards NIS (Egypt)