Comparison on calibration of Multimeter

Project Description

Calibration of multimeter for the following quantities:
DC voltage, DC current, DC resistance, AC voltage and AC current.

The technical protocoll can be downloaded here>> 

Final Report 2021-05-26

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>.
The appendix can be downloaded here>>.

The Draft B report was reviewed by the TC chair and should be considered as final.

Progress Report 2020-10-13

The measurements were completed. Draft A report is in progress.

Progress Report 2019-10-01

CMI has been withdrawn from the comparison. The Draft A report is being prepared.

Progress Report 2019-02-04

The interlaboratory comparison on multimeter was decided in the 6th Meeting of the EURAMET FG FNMID. The comparison was planned for 5 participants. After the announcement in EURAMET TC-EM, participant number became 14. Then two institutes from GULFMET attended to the comparison. Finally 16 institutes participated. The measurements were completed by all participants. The Draft A report is being prepared.