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Comparison of the calibration of standard platinum resistance thermometers in the range -80 °C to 300 °C by comparison

Project Description

The purpose of the comparison is to compare the results of the participating laboratories during calibration of a two standard platinum resistance thermometers by comparison.
The circulating items are two 25 Ω standard platinum resistance thermometers, Serial Numbers: Fluke 370 and Tinsley 279428. The proficiency test includes eleven measuring points in the range between -80 °C and 300 °C. The diameter of the probe is ∅ 7 mm and it is immersion should be at least 150 mm.
It is recommended that the participants use their standard procedure during the temperature calibration and if possible avoid making extra time-consuming measurements.
The project was performed as part of IPA 2011 proficiency testing project.

 Final Report 2014-03-21

The project was completed and the report can be downloaded here>>