Comparison of standards in the pressure range 0,04 to 1,75 MPa

Project Description

LNE and UME decided to organise a bilateral comparison in the gauge pressure range 0,04 to 1,75 MPa.The gas medium is nitrogen. The transfer standard is a DHI piston-cylinder unit of nominal effective area 50 mm² Both laboratories intend to use a model 7601 pressure balance with a 35 kg set of masses.

The first phase of the work is the comparison at LNE with the participation of a representative from UME. The comparison program was established to allow the link with the CCM.P-K1b Key Comparison.

The expected completion date is May 2006.

Final Report 2006-05-01

The comparison has been completed and the results are available in the KCDB.

Mass and Related Quantities (M)
Ilknur Kocas, UME (Turkey)
Coordinating Institute
UME (Türkiye)
Participating Partners
LNE (France)