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Comparison of piston-operated volumetric instruments

Project Description

Three different piston-operated volumetric instruments (micropipette, glass syringe and piston burette) shall be circulated to 11 laboratories in Europe for calibration. The calibration of the volumetric instruments will consist of the determination of the amount of water the volumetric instruments deliver at a reference temperature of 20º C, using the gravimetric method.

DMDM and IPQ have provided the transfer standards.

The technical protocol can be downloaded here>>.
For the presentation of the measurement results, three excel spreadsheets will be supplied: Form sheet Micropipette, form sheet Piston burette  and form sheet Glass syringe

Progress Report 2024-03-04

All participants have made their measurements and have sent their results. The final measurements were performed in November 2023 and the last participant’s reports received in February 2024.

Progress Report 2023-03-13

Due to Covid-19 crisis, the comparison started in January 2022.

In June 2022, the final version of technical protocol has been updated by adding a new participant (INM-RO, Romania) and replacing values for pressure correction for micropipette according to manufacturer instruction.
According to the timetable from technical protocol, the comparison is in 2-month delay due to transportation issue. 
12 out of 14 participants have made their measurements.

Progress Report 2022-04-19

SASO (Saudi Arabia) and BMM (Montenegro) are now participating in this project.


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