Comparison of neutron fluence measurements for neutron energies of 15.5 MeV, 16 MeV, 17 MeV and 19 MeV

Project Description

Determination of the neutron fluence in quasi-monoenergetic neutron fields at neutron energies of 15.5 MeV, 16.0 MeV, 17 MeV and 19 MeV using primary standard instruments of the participating laboratories. The neutron fields will be produced at the accelerator facility of PTB in Braunschweig. The participants in the supplementary key comparison will employ either their primary standard instrument or a calibrated transfer standard in the same field.

The partners will deliver an approved laboratory report to the coordinator for comparison of the results according to an agreed protocol. The results will be published as an agreed type-B report.

The measurements will be performed in Dec. 2004.

Final Report 2011-03-08

The comparison has been completed and the results are available in the KCDB.

Ionising Radiation (IR)
Dr Ralf Nolte, PTB (Germany)
Coordinating Institute
PTB (Germany)
Participating Partners
NPL (United Kingdom)
Further Partners
JRC-Geel (BE)