Comparison of multi-component vehicle emission standards

Project Description 2004-03-29

The objective is to perform an intercomparison based on the analysis of a gas mixture prepared by CEM for gravimetric method according ISO 6142 standard.

The composition mixture would be:

1 - C3H8 = 100·10-6 mol/mol; CO2 = 14 10-2 mol/mol; CO = 0,5 10-2 mol/mol; O2 = 0,5 10-2 mol/mol; N2 balance

CEM will prepare 4 cylinders (one for each NMI, included CEM).

CEM will compare the gravimetric results according ISO 6143 standard.

The schedule will be:

After gravimetric preparation the CEM will analyse the mixtures (ISO 6143)
November 05: send the mixtures from CEM to NMI’s for analysis
March 06: send the cylinders and the results to CEM for analysis and report and
June 06: Report from CEM.

Final Report 2008-12-31

The project has been completed and the final report can be found at the KCDB.


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