Comparison of measurement parameters required in radiance temperature scale realization from 156°C to 1100 °C

Project Description

This comparison is a consequence of the publication of the results of the  EURAMET.T-S4 comparison (EURAMET project 658 "The examination of base parameters for ITS-90 scale realization in radiation thermometry" extension) to support the TUBITAK UME CMCs.
Measurand and nominal values: temperature of fixed-point blackbodies:
156.6 °C, 232 °C, 420°C, 660°C, 962°C and 1084°C.
Parameters: size-of-source effect, gain ratios, calibration using fixed-point blackbody sources, assessment of the effect on the results of changes in the ambient temperature.
Transfer device/sample: INRIM Transfer Standard radiation thermometer TS1 (the device is based on an InGaAs photodiode with a peak wavelength of nominally 1.6 µm), plus a transportable furnace equipped with a zinc fixed point blackbody source.

Progress Reports 2024-04-04

  • March to June 2023 – Preparation of Draft A by the coordinator and discussion with UME
  • June 23, 2023 – Draft A was formally accepted by UME and approved to change to Draft B
  • June 27, 2023 – Draft B was forwarded to Dr. S. Rudtsch, Chair of TC-T, who has submitted it to the specialists of the CMC review group for a review

Progress Report 2022-02-14

End of October 2021, UME has sent the final measurements' data to the coordinator. Starting of the data analysis by the coordinator has postponed to beginning of 2022 due to other more urgent commitments. Currently, UME has been requested to provide some clarification about a set of data sent that seem not to be coherent.

Progress Report 2020-05-19

On February, 2019 UME performed the initial stability check of the thermometer. It has given a positive result and consequently the measurements started.
On June, 2019 the INRiM coordinator has prepared an updated the protocol of the comparison by answering to the comments of the CCT-WG-KC reviewers. This new version of the protocol has been formally approved.
In the same period, INRiM was informed by UME of some unexpected technical issues relating to the realisation of the fixed points of aluminum and silver.
At the beginning of October, 2019 UME sent to INRiM an official request for one-year extension of the dead line of the ATA Carnet in order to keep both instruments in their labs for longer time due to the fact that the Al and Ag fixed points went broken during the measurements and they had to prepare and fill new Al and Ag fixed point cells, this has taken more time than expected.
At present, the already planned INRiM activity of analysing the results is awaiting because the measurements at UME are still in progress and not yet completed.
In the meantime, INRiM has prepared and sent to UME an Excel spreadsheet, based on the requests of the protocol, for an easier collection of the measurement data.

Progress Report 2019-03-06

INRIM has been completed all the initial measurements by the end of November 2018. The transfer standard instruments (the radiation thermometer TS1 and the transportable zinc fixed point blackbody source) have been sent and they have reached UME labs since the mid of December 2018.
At the end of February 2019, UME has been performed the initial stability check of the radiation thermometer with respect to the zinc fixed point blackbody. The positive result of the stability test allows to go on with the comparison.
At present all other measurements, as prescribed in the protocol, are scheduled at UME.

Thermometry (T)
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INRIM (Italy)
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