Comparison of Mass Standards in Multiples and Submultiples of the Kilogram II

Project Description

This key comparison is proposed to act as a follow-up to the EUROMET 445 and will be linked to both the EUROMET M.M-K2 and CCM M.M-K2 with weights of 10 kg, 500 g, 20 g, 2 g and 100 mg via IMGC (IT).

Circulation among NMIs who have not taken part in the EUROMET 445 key intercomparison have priority.

Provided there is a vacancy in the circulation scheme, NMIs who have taken part in EUROMET 445 and have significant changes since then, regarding equipment and/or laboratory location may also take part in this intercomparison.

The circulation scheme will be one petal with about 6-7 laboratories. The weight set used will be the set EA, kept at SP used as a stability reference, and which masses have not been made public.

2006-02-06 Coordinator changed from Ulf Jacobsson.

From a suggestion from MSA (Malta) at the EUROMET meeting 2004 in Vienna. The infrastructure such as logistics and evaluation is already set, so there is an element of recycling in this project.

Final Report 2009-07-31

The comparison has been completed and the results are available in the KCDB.

Mass and Related Quantities (M)
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