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Comparison of high-pressure gas-flow facilities between NEL, PTB and FORCE

Project Description

The aim of the comparison is to compare high-pressure gas-flow facilities using natural gas and nitrogen. The use of two transfer standards, turbine and Venturi tube, will be used. Proposed flow range is 100 m3/hr to 1600 m3/hr and pressure range from 10 bar to 50 bar.

Progress Report 2023-12-06

All the comparison tests were completed at the 3 laboratories in October 2023.

The data analysis is underway and the final report is being drafted. There was a delay of 6 months in testing at NEL due to the NEL facility being refurbished and not available for testing. This is delay is reflected in the anticipated completion date for the final report that will be shifted by 6 months accordingly.

Progress Report 2022-05-22

Comparison protocol was finalised and agreed by the participants.

Two meters were selected as a transfer package, Turbine meter and orifice meter. The orifice meter was designed and manufactured by NEL. The turbine meter will be provided by PTB. The orifice meter was tested at NEL in April 2022, showing good results within ISO 5167 limits.
The orifice meter will be shipped by NEL to PTB in May 2022, to be tested at PTB in series with the turbine meter.

Progress Report 2019-07-08

Draft protocol has been produced. Project on hold as pilot laboratory has changed traceability links and needs to establish performance and realistic uncertainties including drift from using new reference meters before commencing intercomparison.
Once confidence in new reference meters and traceability chain is well established, then the protocol will be finalised and the intercomparison will commence.

Flow (F)
Gabriele Chinello, NEL (United Kingdom)
Phone: +44 (0) 1 355 593 763
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NEL (United Kingdom)
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FORCE (Denmark)
PTB (Germany)


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