Comparison of High-Current Ratio Standard

Project Description

The scope of the comparison is the validation of NMI CMCs for quantities related to dc high currents (CMC classifications 8.7.1 "Sources", 8.7.2 "Meters: measurement set-up" and 8.7.3 "Ratios"), for current values in the range 100   600 A, not covered by previous CCEM and EUROMET comparisons on dc current.
The traveling standard is a commercial zero-flux current transformer, with embedded electronics.
The quantity to be measured is the 1500:1 nominal current ratio of the transformer, at primary current nominal values of 90 A, 300 A and 600A, corresponding to secondary current nominal values of 60 mA, 200 mA and 400 mA respectively.

The technical protocol can be downloaded here>>

Final Report 2020-11-30

The comparison has been completed and results are published in the KCDB.

Progress Report 2019-09-25

Final report in revision by CCEM-WGLF.
Executive report is still in drafting.

Progress Report 2017-10-04

Draft A report ver. 1.0 completed and distributed to project partners for collecting comments.

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