Comparison of Electrical field strength measurements

Project Description

The objective of the project was to compare the standards of electromagnetic field strength generators as realised in the participating laboratories in the frequency range from 10 MHz to 1 GHz at a level of 20 V/m. It was started in April 1999 and the European loop was completed in February 2001. Eight laboratories (PTB, NPL, NMI-VSL, STUK, IEN, CSIR-NML, SP and METAS) participated. During the comparison, several problems concerning the DC-stability of the travelling standard appeared which made some adjustments necessary and caused a delay in the time schedule.

At the CCEM-GT-RF Meeting held on 26-27 June 2001, the decision was taken to extend the comparison to a CCEM Key Comparison, CCEM.RF.K20., and to integrate the EUROMET comparison therein. As only three additional laboratories (KRISS, CSIRO and VNIIFTRI) are interested in the additional loop, it was decided to analyse all results (initial EUROMET loop and extension) in a single report.

For the calculation of the Key Comparison Reference Value (KCVR) and the degree of equivalence tables only the following four frequency points were selected: 30 MHz, 300 MHz, 600 MHz and 900 MHz.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
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