Comparison of DC voltage standards

Project Description

The comparison measurements have been performed with transfer standards Fluke 732B (one CMI and second OMH) calibrated at JAVS of BEV and SMU. Before these series of measurements the OMH reference standard have been calibrated by BIPM. In 2000 the CMI reference standard have been calibrated at the JAVS of SMU and after that at the BIPM standard. The Vilnius Metrology Center reference standard Wavetek 7000 has been calibrated in the scheme VMC – SMU – VMC during the year 2001. The results of the comparison will be published in the paper prepared for IEEE Trans. On Instrum. Measur.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Peter Vrabcek, SMU (Slovakia)
Coordinating Institute
SMU (Slovakia)
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