Comparison of capacitance and capacitance ratio

Project Description

In the comparison the value of a capacitor (nominal value 10 pF) is to be determined in terms of the von-Klitzing constant RK by deriving it from a dc- or ac-quantum Hall resistance by means of a suitable chain of resistance and impedance measuring bridges. In addition a 10:1 capacitance ration will be determined.
One or more suitable 10 pF and 100 pF traveling capacitors will be selected and circulated (under thermo-controlled conditions) among the participants who determine its value in terms of RK, and measure the ratio 10:1 between the capacitors.
It is planned to support the comparison by mutual visits of the bridge experts of the participating institutes in order to match the existing bridge technology and to enhance the common expertise. The individual measurements, however, will be solely performed by the researchers of the respective participating institute.
The comparison is carried out as Supplementary Comparison in the MRA scheme under the identifier EURAMET.EM-S31.

The comparison will serve to increase and ensure the confidence in the 10 pF to RK measurement chain which is vital part of the ECCS variant of the Quantum Metrological Triangle Experiment pursued in some of the participating institutes within the iMERA-Plus Joint Research Project "'Foundations for a Redefinition of the SI Base Unit Ampere", REUNIAM. Beyond this goal, the comparison will provide valuable information for impedance metrology in general.

Final Report 2017-05-31

The comparison has been completed and results are published in the KCDB.

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