Comparison of alternating voltage ratio

Project Description

The aim of this project is comparison of the national standards of AC voltage ratio of INM and NMi-VSL at 55 Hz/5 V, 400 Hz/10 V and 1 000 Hz/10 V by means of inductive voltage divider with U = 0,2 x 10-6 (k=2). Pilot laboratory is INM Bucharest and measurements are performed first at Delft and repeated at Bucharest.

Final Report 2010-07-10

The comparison has been competed and the report can be downloaded here>>

This work presents the results of a bilateral comparison of the measurements on an inductive voltage divider within the framework of EURAMET. The aim of the project is a comparison of AC voltage ratio measurements between INM, Romania, and VSL, the Netherlands. 
Measurements of the decade ratios 0.1, 0.2, ...  0.9 were performed at the following frequencies and voltages: 55 Hz/5 V, 400 Hz/10 V and 1 kHz/10 V. The agreement between the results from both laboratories is well within 0.2 µV/V for the in-phase ratio deviations and within 1.0 µV/V for the quadrature deviations respectively.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Florin Mirea, INM (Romania)
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Coordinating Institute
INM-RO (Romania)
Participating Partners
VSL (Netherlands)