Comparison of air speed in the range of 1-40 m/s.

Project Description

A need for an intercomparison in the range of 1-40 m/s was discussed as in the last EURAMET TC Flow meeting. A pitot tube and an ultrasonic anemometer will be used as  transfer standards to make this comparison. Pitot tube is a Fluke 922 and the Kaijo Sonic ultrasonic anemometer is the same model with the one used in the EURAMET Project 1050 and CCM.FF-K3.2011 comparison so a link to K3 comparison will be realised.

Final Report 2022-09-01

Under the coordination of  TUBITAK UME and CETIAT the comparison measurements are completed successfully.

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>.

Progress Report 2022-04-15

Under the coordination of TUBITAK UME and CETIAT, the comparison measurements are successfully completed. The data evaluation and reporting progress are not yet complete. Draft A is planned to be ready before the EURAMET TC-Flow meeting in May.