Comparison of air kerma measurements of the medium energy X-ray radiation in radiation protection measurements

Project Description

The objective of this comparison is to support the approved IAEA-RAD-1008 and IAEA-RAD-1011 CMC lines for calibration of radiation protection purpose  dosemeters in the range of 0.6 µGy/h – 10 mGy/h in ISO 4037 narrow beam qualities. The outcomes of this comparison, i.e. the calibration coefficients of transfer chambers corrected by the DoE (in case of IAEA by the DoE of PTB and in case of MKEH the MKEH DoE), should agree within their stated uncertainties. If this is the case, it can validate the calibration practice of the participants, supporting the two CMC claims of the IAEA SDL and the degrees of equivalence values of IAEA standard could also be calculated for the selected beam qualities using the average results of the two transfer chambers. The selected beam qualities are N-40, N60, N120, and N300. The transfer chamber types are: PTW 32002 and Exradin A5

Final Report 2014-10-01

The comparison has been completed and results are published in the KCDB.

Ionising Radiation (IR)
István Csete, MKEH (Hungary)
Coordinating Institute
BFKH (Hungary)
Participating Partners
Further Partners
IAEA (Austria)