Comparison in gas media (absolute and gauge mode) in the range from 25 kPa to 200 kPa

Project Description

The main purpose of this comparison is to allow to the laboratories which are equipped with new equipment or improved the uncertainty of their equipment to assess the quality of their work and of the hypothesis made for the definition of the effective area. An objective is to support to a replacement of the CMC entries of the participating laboratories.

The transfer standard will be a piston-cylinder unit of 10 cm2 area, PC-7600-10 from DHI that can be mounted on a PG7601 as well as the system to measure the reference vacuum of the pressure balance and a mass set will be circulated in parallel for the laboratories that do not possess this equipment.

The measurand will be the effective area, in absolute and gauge pressure for 10 pressure steps and the calculated effective area at zero pressure.

It is intended to link this comparison to the CCM.P-K6 once the results will be available. The beginning of the circulation of the transfer standard is planned for September 2007.

Final Report 2016-09-27

The comparison has been completed and the resuls are available in the KCDB.

Progress Report 2015-04-24

The draft B has been distributed and approved by all participants. The uncertainty of the link to key comparison is still under discussion. A final report should be submitted in 2015.

Progress Report 2010-04-15

The circulation of the transfer standard started in July 2009 and will be going until March 2011. The schedule is respected according to the protocol and all the laboratories managed to measure the transfer standard so far.

Bosnia Herzegovina joined the comparison due to new measurement capabilities and the Republic of Korea joined because they are pilot for an APMP comparison and would like to have one more link to gain in confidence.

Progress Report 2009-03-24

he equipment needed for the comparison has been characterised extensively. Some delay has been due to a problem on the primary standard of METAS that made the characterization of the transfer standard impossible for some time.

All the equipment planned for the comparison is ready now.

The protocol will be circulated to the participating laboratories in April and the circulation of the transfer standard will start in the summer 2009.