Common calibration of ionizing chambers

All devices (4 ionization chambers) were brought to the Czech Metrology Institute and calibrated in a week 18 to 21 September 2001.

At the same week there were provided and prepared standards with radionuclides 18F, 67Ga, 99mTc, 201Tl, 123I, 131I in the form of 5 or 4 ml water solution in the usually two P6-like ampoules. The standards of 133Xe and 85Kr were prepared in the gas ampoules. The 137Cs was in the form of gel. Specific activity of the solutions and gases were measured either by calibrated spectrometer or calibrated ionization chamber. The 131I was standardized by absolute method and sent to S.I.R

Troubles were found in the calibration of 123I and 201Tl.

The more details are described in the technical final report which is an attachment of this final report.

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