Calibration of personal dosimeters in high energy photon fields.

Project Description

In recent months there have been requests from CH and SE for the calibration of personal dosemeters in high energy photon fields. In the course of such a calibration the dosemeters are irradiated on a phantom, while the value of the dose given by PTB refers to air kerma free in air. This leaves it up to the individual partner to use conversion factors of his choice in order to arrive at a value of the dose equivalent. The conversion factors available to date have been determined by Monte Carlo simulations. These simulations do not take proper account of the actual energy depositioning due to electrons as this requires the jnowledge of the incident electron fluence prevbailing in the experiment. As a consequence there is the danger that potential EUROMET partners arrive at different valures for the dose equivalent for a given set of experimental conditions.

Further Information

This proposal is closely related to proposals by CH and SE (copies included). All proposals should be brought into one project. Coordinator should be PTB. It should be considered as a long-term continuation of project.

Ionising Radiation (IR)
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