Calibration of a 1000 μL air cushion pipette and a 100 ml volumetric glass flask

Project Description

The aim of this comparison is mainly to provide supporting evidence to the recently established Laboratory of Volume of IMBIH, Bosnia and Herzegovina for their CMCs as well as verification of their measuring competence for DPM, Albania by the calibration of two basic and representative items of all volume laboratories namely a pipette and a volumetric flask. The project is however open to other participants as well.

This ILC was financed by PTB in framework of the project “Regional Consultancy Fund for Quality Infrastructure South East Europe”, PTB VH-No.:95330-02

Final Report 2019-12-31

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>


Flow (F)
Zoe Metaxiotou, EIM (Greece)
Coordinating Institute
EIM (Greece)