Bilateral supplementary comparison of high voltage transformer measuring systems

Project Description

TUBITAK UME and PTB will perform a bilateral comparison with their high voltage transformer measuring systems.
Travelling standard will be a cast-resin inductive multi-ratio voltage transformer. Measurements will be held at 50 Hz and at the nominal primary voltages of 3-6-10-20-30 kV. Nominal secondary voltage will be 100 V and the burden will be 3 VA.

Final Report 2022-09-30

The comparison has been completed and results are available in the KCDB.

Progress Report 2022-09-21

The comparison measurements were completed. The Draft A report was prepared by TÜBİTAK UME. The Draft A report has been agreed by the PTB. Next, the Draft B report will be made available for final approval process

Progress Report 2021-10-12

TUBITAK UME completed the first round of measurements and sent the travelling standards to the PTB. After performing of PTB measurements, TUBITAK UME will perform the second round of measurements. Next, TUBITAK UME will start to evaluate the results and subsequently will prepare the Draft A report with the help of PTB.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Burak Ayhan,TUBITAK UME (Turkey)
Phone: +90 2626795000
Coordinating Institute
UME (Türkiye)
Participating Partners
PTB (Germany)