Bilateral low absolute pressure comparison between MIKES and VNIIM

Project Description

VNIIM (RU) has developed a Laser Interferometric Oil Manometer (LIOM) for low absolute and gauge pressures. LIOM will be compared to a commercial FPG-type piston manometer of MIKES (FI) in absolute pressure range from 1 Pa to 1000 Pa. The transfer standard is a capacitive diaphragm gauge.

Final Report 2010-11-11

The measurements in the comparison were carried out in April and May 2010 in the range 1Pa to 1000 Pa. 

VNIIM has during the recent years developed a new primary standard for low pressures, a laser interferometric oil manometer (LIOM) which is based on the U-tube principle. At MIKES the standards in the compared pressure range are commercial secondary standards, a 130 Pa capacitance diaphragm gauge traceable to PTB, Berlin, and a piston manometer FPG8601.  The standards of MIKES are capable of relatively low uncertainties even though they are secondary ones.
The transfer standard was a capacitance diaphragm gauge MKS Baratron 698A for the range 0 -1000 Pa differential, equipped with a signal comnditioner MKS 670B.
The agreement of the results from MIKES and VNIIM was good.
The results in full are presented in:

Rantanen, M., Saxholm, S., Sadkovskaya, I. V.  & Eikhvald, A. I.: Low pressure comparison between MIKES and VNIIM. Range 1 Pa to 1000 Pa.  MIKES publication J1/2010.
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