Bilateral key comparison on Cr-51 standardisation

Project Description

Bilateral Comparison between LNE-LNHB and RC POLAROM on activity measurements of a Cr-51 solution in order to link, for this radionuclide, both institutes to SIR.

The proposed comparison will be organised between LNE-LNHB and POLATOM in a frame of the EURAMET Mentoring Scheme Award (MSA-002-2022).

Final Report 2023-08-10

The comparison has been completed and results are available in the KCDB.

A bilateral comparison between LNE-LNHB, France and the RC POLATOM, Poland on activity measurements of the 51Cr solution was organised in 2022 as the EURAMET project No 1554 and registered as EURAMET.RI(II)-K2.Cr-51 key comparison. In both laboratories, primary activity measurements techniques based on 4p(LS)-g coincidence and anti-coincidence counting methods were used. LNE-LNHB also performed indicative measurements in a large-well NaI (Tl) detector using the 4pg method. The final result of the comparison in RC POLATOM was the weighted mean of the results of the 4p(LS)-g coincidence method and the 4p(LS)-g anti-coincidence method, and in the LNE-LNHB - the value obtained by the 4p(LS)-g anti-coincidence method. The power-moderated mean of the final results values was calculated. An additional ampoule containing the same 51Cr solution was sent to the BIPM in order to link the results achieved in the bilateral comparison to the BIPM SIR reference system.

The final report of the comparison was approved by KCWG(II) and was published in the BIPM KCDB and in the Metrologia journal [Broda et al., 2023. Metrologia, 60, 06018].

The above project was carried out as part of the MSA-002-2022_POLATOM-LNHB project "Standardisation of the 51Cr solution using various methods in the LSC technique". It was a joint project of RC POLATOM and LNE-LNHB implemented in the period March 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023.

The aim of the MSA-002-2022_POLATOM-LNHB project was to standardise the 51Cr solution and prepare, in cooperation with specialists from LNE-LNHB, and implement in POLATOM codes for simulation calculations of scintillation spectra of various radionuclides. DES and G4TDCR-g codes adapted to work with the MetroActivityLSC program were developed and tested. These codes are part of the new method of standardization of 51Cr and other radionuclides measured in POLATOM. The verification of the obtained measurement results of the activity of the 51Cr solution was performed by carrying out the key comparison of EURAMET.RI(II)-K2.Cr-51.

Ionising Radiation (IR)
Coordinating Institute
POLATOM (Poland)
Participating Partners
LNE-LNHB (France)