Bilateral inter-comparison in the gas flow range from 0.002 m3/h to 2.5 m3/h with sonic nozzles

Project Description

Sonic nozzles (7 pieces) with nominal flow rates 2 L/h, 16 L/h, 60 L/h, 250 L/h, 600 L/h, 1600 L/h, 2500 L/h will be used to compare primary low-pressure test facilities.
The laboratories should carry out the calibration using their common procedures.
The procedure described in PTB Testing Instruction Volume 25: Gas meters – Test rigs with critical nozzles is recommended to be used.
The parameters  QV,20,tr,1000 [L/h] and cpE [-] are required to be determined for each sonic nozzle.
Each laboratory will be responsible for the transfer of the sonic nozzles to the next laboratory.
No other costs are expected.

Test conditions:

  • Test gas: air
  • Upstream sonic nozzle pressure: near atmospheric
  • Test temperature:  (19.5 ÷ 22.5) °C

Progress Report 2024-03-04

A final report will be issued after all participants have completed their measurements.
CMI is waiting for the manufacturer to complete the full commissioning of the test facility BPP2.

Progress Report 2023-01-05

The project is delayed compared to the plan. The participants of this project are PTB (Germany) and CMI (Czechia).
The measurements at PTB have already been completed. The measurements at CMI will be carried out when the delivery of the Bell Piston Prover from the manufacturer is completed. 

Flow (F)
Coordinating Institute
CMI (Czechia)
Participating Partners
PTB (Germany)