Bilateral indirect comparison of 10 V DC voltage standards

Project Description

There are primary standards of 10 V DC voltage based on Josephson effect in two participating countries. The comparison will be performed by means of Zener reference standard Fluke 732 B. The primary standard of SMU was compared with BNM-LCIE primary standard. The values of 10 V should be compared. The time interval between calibrations at SMU and NPL should be as short as possible.

Final Report 2001-03-19

The reference standard Fluke 732B has been used for comparison of the SMU and NPL Josephson array voltage standards at the nominal level of 10 V. The calibrations at SMU have started on September, 8th, 1997 and finished on October, 7th. The calibration at NPL have been carried out in the period September, 24 –30. The course of the measured values is shown in figure .

The standard combined uncertainty of the comparison is 350 nV. The difference voltage gives : V(SMU)-V(NPL)=55 nV. Further information is available from the coordinator.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Peter Vrabcek, SMU (Slovakia)
Coordinating Institute
SMU (Slovakia)
Participating Partners
NPL (United Kingdom)