Bilateral comparison of Spectral Responsivity in spectral range 300nm to 1000nm

Project Description

This bilateral comparison is provided according to the technical protocol for the bilateral comparison of spectral responsivity scales between CMI (Czech Republic) and SMU (Slovakia) based on the protocol drawn up by the working group of the EUROMET.PR-K2.b comparison, comprising the IFA-CSIC (Spain), the BNM-INM/CNAM (France) and the NMi (Netherlands).

Final Report 2016-01-07

Comparison was closed/cancelled´as agreed by both participants and results are published in the KCDB. The meaning of providing this comparison in  2011 was to establish the CMC supporting evidence for newly realised CMI traceability chain of spectral responsivity of detectors. Nevertheless, meanwhile the final report of EURAMET Key comparison for this quantity (EURAMET.PR-K2.b) was published offering the  requested support. Thus the further work on this comparison became redundant.

Progress Report 2013-02-23

Reconstruction of cryogenic radiometer's 10K cryo-cooler become eventualy more complex and was completed in October 2012. Testing and validation measurement are currently going on with plans to be completed in April 2013. Thus the meaurements on CMI side had to be postponed furthermore. Since there are already almost 20 months since the measurements on SMU side was completed, further steps (updating the time table, ..) needs to be reconsidered and will be reported in next bi-annual report 30-06-2013

Progress Report 2012-02-29

Measurements on SMU side were completed in April 2011, set of detectors was delivered to CMI in May 2011. Second measurements on CMI side was scheduled for August-September 2011. It had to be postponeded due to the unexpected technical issues of 10 K mechanical cooling pump of CMI cryogenic radiometer system. Cooler  is currently being upgraded by subcontracted company, the re-start of meaurements in CMI is planned in April 2012.

Photometry and Radiometry (PR)
Peter Nemecek, SMU (Slovakia)
Coordinating Institute
CMI (Czechia)
Participating Partners
SMU (Slovakia)