Bilateral comparison of resistance measurements at 100 W and 10 kW

Project Description

A bilateral pilot comparison in preparation for EUROMET 626 was carried out between Denmark and Lithuania in the period May 2003 to February 2004The transfer devices used was two Tinsley model 5865A Standard Resistors at nominal value 100 W and 10 kW. Initial measurements were performed at DFM in May 2003, the resistors were then transported to Lithuania and measured at SPI form May to October 2003 for the 100 W resistor and until December 2003 for the 10 kW resistor. Measurements were performed at DFM in December 2003 and the 10 kW resistor returned and re-measured in Lithuania in February 2004. There were no travel incidents.The following results were obtained, stated as the difference in the assigned resistance value obtained at DFM, Denmark, and SPI, Lithuania, and the expanded uncertainty of the difference:

  • 100 W: DRDFM-SPI = (–2 ± 26) µW
  • 10 kW: DRDFM-SPI = (–1,0 ± 1,9) mW

At 10 kW, SPI observed a significant drift in the value of the 10 kW resistor in the period from June to December 2003. A fault was discovered in the SPI MI6010Q bridge and the results of the measurements performed in December 2003 was omitted from the analysis.A full report on the comparison is available from the coordinator: reference DFM-04-R7.

Final Report 2004-02-26

The comparison has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Hans D. Jensen, DFM (Denmark)
Coordinating Institute
DFM (Denmark)
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SPI (Lithuania)