Bilateral comparison of Relative Humidity Calibration

Project Description

This comparison is aimed at establishing the degree of equivalence between relative humidity calibration in the range from 10 %RH to 95 %RH and the ambient temperature range 1 °C to 50 °C among the participating national metrology institutes. The transfer standards used will be digital hygrometer with two probes. Data evaluation will be done by BIM-NCM. The reference laboratory NMi VSL will check the data analysis as performed by BIM-NCM. The administrative part is organized by BIM-NCM.
This comparison is organized and funded within the framework of PHARE project BG 2005/017-353.02.02, LOT 1

Final Report 2010-11-23

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>

The technical protocol can be downloaded here>>





Thermometry (T)
Sasho Nedialkov (BIM), Bulgaria
Coordinating Institute
BIM (Bulgaria)
Participating Partners
VSL (Netherlands)