Bilateral comparison of reference-type static torque machines

Project Description

ZAG and PTB have carried out a comparison measurement between ZAG's torque measuring device ID1100806, 100 N·m and PTB's 1 kN·m static torque standard machine using a high-precision torque transfer transducer TT1/100 N·m #36745-02 (produced by Raute Precision Oy, Finland). This transducer has two measuring bridges (M1 and M2) and both of them were used alternately. ZAG's device is a reference machine with a calibrated torque transducer and a vertical axis, whereas PTB used a dead-weight machine with a horizontal axis

Final Report 2017-02-06

The comaprison has been completed and results are published in the KCDB..

Progress Report 2016-05-17

Finished - reporting in progress (report Draft A in progress).

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