Bilateral comparison of air kerma and absorbed dose to water measurements for Co-60 and Cs-137

Project Description

The objective of this comparison is to support CMCs of VINS for Co-60 in terms of air kerma and absorbeddose to water (therapy level) and for Cs-137 in terms of air kerma (radio protection level). For this purpose an indirect comparison is proposed between the standards of VINS and BEV using two transfer chambers of BEV (therapy level) and two transfer chambers of PTB (radio protection level) and an eletrometer of BEV. Procedure: 1st calibration BEV; 2nd VINS; 3rd BEV.

Final Report 2018-08-03

The comparison has been completed and results are published in the KCDB.

Ionising Radiation (IR)
Andreas Steurer, BEV (Austria)
Phone: +43 1 21110 6379
Coordinating Institute
BEV (Austria)
Participating Partners
VINS (Serbia)