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Analysis of the CMCs of the NMIs in the field of Electricity and Magnetism - Application of Euromet Guides 8 and 9.

Project Description

This project is a follow-up of project 560. The Analysis Working Group established at the Contact Persons Meeting in Oslo (Nov. 1999) and partially modified after the meeting in Teddington (Nov. 2000), will revise the Euromet EM CMCs following the criteria of EUROMET Guide 8. At the same time CMCs from other Regions, requiring inter-RMO review, will be reviewed following EUROMET Guide 9. In 2001 the CMCs from Russia were reviewed. At the TC- Meeting in Prague, in November 2001, it was decided to organise the working group following the 12 main categories of the classification of the EM CMCs.

Final Report 2004-03-19

After the inter-RMO review of the EUROMET EM CMCs of the second round, a revision of the Excel files was carried out to improve the CMCs following the remarks and suggestions of SIM and APMP. A report explains the work done and an Excel file has a list of the remarks with the answers of the NMIs concerned.
On March 15, 2004 the files were ready for publication in the key comparison data base. This completes the second round of work on CMCs and also this project. Future CMC analysis work will be carried out under a new project.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
GianCarlo Marullo Reedtz, INRIM (Italy)
Coordinating Institute
INRIM (Italy)


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